Why Hairdressers in Paddington Fail in Business

Many a hairdresser can fail in business if they fail to put the right things to achieve good results. Reports have it that up to 80% of salon businesses fail in the first 18 months of their operation. So, this article is about finding out why. Not only so, but to also take a cue from this trend and beat the status quo. Paddington is not devoid of salons. So, how do you ensure that you excess as a hairdresser in Paddington and make profits from business operations?

Some of the points under discussion here may be entirely new, while others may not be. However, let it not end up by just reading. Instead, look carefully into your business to identify some of these points and set a change plan in motion immediately. Let’s dive in quickly to consider why hairdressers in Paddington fail in trade to avoid the same pitfalls.

Why a Hairdresser in Paddington may Fail 

Low Customer Retention Rate

This reason may not be entirely strange, but it is a comprehensive one. In a way, it has other embedded points under this general topic or related subtopics. Like you may find for several businesses, it is harder and costlier to gain new customers than retain existing ones. So, it is advisable to maintain the old ones than spend all the energy on marketing for new ones.

The customer retention rate is when a customer remains loyal and keeps coming to your salon. Suppose this rate is low as compared to other factors. In that case, it is an indication that your customers are not satisfied with your services. Therefore, the customer retention rate can either make or break a salon business. learn more about reasons behind unsuccessful saloon failure at http://anthonypresotto.com/why-8-out-of-10-salon-businesses-fail/

High level of disappointments

Even people that don’t keep appointments hate being at the receiving end. Such irony proves that there are no excuses for failure. On the one hand, customers may give too many no-shows after booking an appointment, which can be disheartening. On the other hand, don’t let the disappointment ever come from you. And the way to do that is always to have a backup plan.

This suggestion can also work for customers who miss their appointments due to one reason or another. That is, the right way to ensure it doesn’t affect your business too badly is to fill up the missing times through an automated online booking tool. This solution saves you time and energy why keeping the company running without panic.

Sporadic Marketing

The word sporadic refers to intermittent, unstable, irregular, or erratic, which I mean. Marketing should be both deliberate and strategic if you genuinely want to build a formidable brand that can wade off competition. In a case where a more significant part of your marketing efforts lacks a working strategy, you are set for business failure. Simply put, a hairdresser in Paddington can fail simply because of inadequate or lack of strategic marketing.

Poor marketing is often ineffective, poorly targeted, and produces less brand visibility. However, when you think like your target audience, you can better streamline your offer towards their needs. You may even ask them directly for what they expect and tailor your upgrade towards that. Failure to bear your target customers in mind is preparation for overall business failure. 


No doubt, businesses have gone digital. And your hairdressing salon is not left out. If you are yet to develop your salon for the digital target audience already, you’re missing out big. For online hairdressers in Paddington, SEO is your friend. A lousy SEO is an indication that your potential audience may not find your business. Or how else can you convince them of your best services?

Salons with lower Google rankings in SERP get fewer visits, and that’s majorly due to poor SEO. Also, contrary to many people’s opinion, SEO is not all techy and complicated. You need to learn the game and be consistent at it. If that is difficult, hire someone to audit your site SEO and give professional recommendations. Besides, there are free SEO tools online to start the work. click here to find more about SEO.

Lack of Professionalism

I like to emphasize learning a skill under an expert firsthand due to the lack of professionalism I see in many so-called professionals. It is straightforward to set up a hair salon in Paddington, but the real work lies in keeping this salon open for long. In other words, it takes more than capital to maintain a business’ good name in this town. First rule: every client wants a kingly/queenly treatment.

Professionalism involves the environment you prepare for your clients, the treatments you give them, and every other thing. At times, it may even affect your payment plans, comfortability in the salon, time management, and other customer-centered methods. Take note of your appearance and phone etiquette in receiving calls, gaining new techniques, and conversing with the trends.

Suggested solutions to failure in hairdressing business in Paddington

  1. Create customer loyalty programs that reward loyal customers and entice new ones
  2. Give out special offers, discounts, and free community service to attract lost customers
  3. Focus on improving your service quality and time. People will respond to these changes
  4. Create more personalized packages for your existing customers at no additional charge
  5. Create a more flexible booking plan for customers
  6. Use an automated online booking tool for customer’s appointment schedules. It can fill up anyone from the waiting list if a customer slips off.
  7. Provide a highly comfortable environment for your clients with a refreshing treatment
  8. Improve your customer relationship through courtesy, phone etiquette, and customer-centered response to conflicts. Without them, you won’t even be in business.
  9. Be honest in every transaction and place an immense value on every single client. No one is dispensable
  10. Make every decision in business with your clients in mind to ensure that their satisfaction is your priority 

On a final note, watch out closely for the stated reason above why many hair salons fail in Paddington. What it takes to start a business is not as important as what it takes to sustain it. A company may not even create a high, but it must attain that high standard if it wants to remain relevant. Finally, a golden rule is to run your business with your clients and their needs in mind. That way, you can work to keep their satisfaction a priority always. visit https://www.qualitymag.com/articles/84574-top-100-in-quality to learn more about quality survey.